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Open the Gate of Art


The Colorful Forest Art School enriches your life

By Ringo 

Rush to paint the rainbow in a sky;
There is your dream along with the shine;

Wish to freely wander and run;

Upon your random imagination
Enjoy this 7-color forest height;
Kindness and warmth are laying ahead;
Beneath the parents’ eye:
They rejoice to see your sailing;
To the world of art. 




Both the Chinese and western artistic traditions,ancient and modern education concepts,thorough and flexible,are taught,to suit the aptitude and personality of students. 

Qualified Teachers

21 years teaching experience in happy and professional 

art instruction.


The achievements of the Art School include gold,silver and bronze and honourable mentions in the children's art competition,and keen participation in the
BIG SA Festival.

Our Values

Art classes emphasise kind and considerate conduct to others
as well as artistic skills.

Join in Now

​Piccasso Art Class

Our Partner

Thanks to "Linseed Design" for website design
Photo credits:Focus;Parents of students;MinLin 
Translation by Greg and Min Lin

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