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2019 Christmas Party

2019 Christmas Party

2019 Christmas Party

Teaching class activities and children painting in class

Our Dear Teacher Wang

Youth Calligraphy Class

Hard-pen Calligraphy

Nov, 2015 We joined“BIG SA” and donated the big painting.

Teacher MinLin: Teaching a class at St. Aloysius College to showcase Chinese Culture.

Portfolio of Teacher Lin

Some of our students

2018 Christmas Party

Dec, 2016 Christmas Party in Botanical Garden

Adult calligraphy class

Primary school students join in Calligraphy

Handcraft Playdough

Our Lives

Dec,2015 Sketching in the Botanic Garden 

Calligraphy charity sale and works show

Our Sketch works

Dec, 2014 Sketching in Japanese garden

Our Rewards

Chinese Welfare Services of SA Inc.

May,2016 Zestment “My Adventure” award
of art cometition

May,2015 Award of art competition prizes winner

Our Students

WoodBlock works

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